Virtual Team Building Can Be Transformative: A Case Study

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3 min readJul 14, 2020


In June, Square Circle had the honor of being invited to host a virtual team building event for a team of 13 staff and volunteers of the Las Vegas, Nevada branch of The Cupcake Girls, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing confidential support to those involved in the sex industry, as well as those affected by domestic sex trafficking through holistic resources, case management, and after care. The work this organization does is so important, and the communities they serve need these team members at their best!

Like so many organizations and employees in these times of professional disruption and social distancing, The Cupcake Girls team members were feeling the weight of the pandemic in the form of amplified workloads (tripled since COVID-19 swept in), personal stressors, and constantly shifting uncertainties. Recognizing the team was running on fumes, the City Director reached out to us to facilitate a virtual event focused on mitigating burnout, and leveraging self-care and enhancing interpersonal connection in the face of stressors.

Square Circle Coach Page Patten skillfully led the attendees through a series of uplifting, interactive, and creative activities that brought the team together in a way that transcended the established professional relationships into the realm of connecting empathetically with one another as whole individuals. In just one session, the participants left with a deeper sense of belonging, respect and appreciation for one another that provided that replenished the recharge they were seeking. Here are some of the things they had to say about this experience :

“I really loved the team building! Especially over a zoom, it was more powerful than I expected.”- Amanda
“I thought everything was incredibly well done. I thought the exercise describing the Cupcake Girl team member was really fun and helped to show the strengths of the organization and how we all perceive it. It brought a sense of unity I thought.”-Bjorn
“Page!! You’re amazing!! Thanks so much for filling us up and for the encouraging words you inspired through your exercise. All so much appreciated!”-Jenn
For me, the biggest takeaway from tonight is the affirmations for each other. It is so life-giving to speak truth and love into people and to remind them of who they are.” -Melanie

All too often team building exercises begin as well-intentioned, powerful events, but end up being an experience where teams feel awkward, obligated, and frustrated about the work that is piling up as they begrudgingly bond with their colleagues. Just as disappointingly, many team building events may be more successful in engaging participants in the moment, but ultimately ineffective in the long term as the material ends up lacking the transformational impact, stickiness, or follow-through over time to facilitate the implementation of the material presented.

We at Square Circle are proud to stand behind our team buildings, even when delivered virtually, as impactful experiences that continue to deliver value long after the event has concluded. We do this by empowering attendees with the tools to support themselves and their teammates by practicing a variety of bridging behaviors that foster a sense of true belonging and generating a healthier, happier, more productive and resilient team able to weather the stressors that teams everywhere are facing today. We’re here to affect real change, even in the face of COVID-19 constraints!

The Happy CCG Team!

If your team is struggling with challenges like stress management, loss of motivation, routine, or a sense of belonging, reach out to to discuss how a COVID Care Team Building session could look like for your team.



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